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Some lovin' for our oven.

When people rave about the great taste of SOLOS, a lot of credit goes to our fresh ingredients, our amazing, one-of-a-kind crust and our tangy sauces. For good reason. They’re all awesome. But sadly, one of the biggest secrets to our success never gets much attention. That’s right. It’s our oven that deserves some of the lovin’.

Oh sure. It may look like a typical conveyor oven–the kind you might see at your local sandwich shop. But trust us, the appliance that cooks your SOLOS Pizza is not your gramma’s toaster oven. In reality, the SOLOS convection oven is a high-tech, 21st Century marvel, designed specifically for cooking pizza perfectly, quickly and energy efficiently. And each oven has been fine-tuned by SOLOS to ensure your individual pizza is cooked just right, every time.

For you, that means no “oopsie” pies. No soggy, undercooked crusts. No pizzas burnt beyond recognition by some inexperienced pizza “artisan”. In fact, one of the great things about our oven–or “Mr. Crispy “ as we like to call him–is that he’s so foolproof, he turns all our pizza makers–even those newbies fresh off the artichoke truck–into Pizza Gurus on Day One.

So the next time you’re feeling the love for your SOLOS pizza, save some for our oven. Because if it’s cooked to perfection, Mr. Crispy deserves your affection.