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Our Story

The first SOLOS Pizza location opened on February 21, 2007 in Maple Grove, Minnesota with one goal in mind: creating a customer driven, fast, quality food experience in pizza form.

At first, SOLOS Pizza started off with a “take and bake” pizza concept but Bruce and Brian didn’t just want to be another “me too” pizza brand. They wanted to create something truly unique. They began trying different recipes, new menu items and paying close attention to customer feedback, satisfaction and ordering history.

Bruce and Brian also invested in various customer surveys to gather more information. Armed with years of feedback and considerable data from operating several take and bake pizza restaurants they knew they had to make a change to stand out in the highly competitive pizza category. Menus were refined and the personal pizza concept was born….sort of….

Practice Makes Perfection

Bruce and Brian knew the direction they needed to take SOLOS but now they had to create an entire new menu, sauces, pizza dough and find equipment that would allow them to create truly great pizza fast! So the journey began.

What does the number 42 mean to you? It is the sum gained by adding 21 and 21 or multiplying 6x7? Or is it the result of months and months’ worth of testing something to make it truly perfect?

For the founders of SOLOS Pizza, current CEO Bruce Thomson and President Brian Banick, the number 42 marks the number of variations of pizza dough they tried and tested to come up with the one they use today. Some might call that obsessive but at SOLOS they feel that is being thorough. Bruce and Brian weren’t going to be satisfied until they had a crust they felt was the absolute best. And the “obsession” didn’t stop there…they tested endless pizza ovens as well, since the way that the pizza is baked is as important as the dough and fresh ingredients. They couldn’t find an oven that was a perfect match so they took to using the best option and customized it for use with their unique dough.

Individualized Pizza for Everyone

At SOLOS Pizza, making just the right pizza for everyone is not just a goal it’s a must! Customers of all ages enjoy choosing their own, personal combination of sauce and toppings. Although there are some specialty options, nothing is pre-made. All of the pizzas are made from scratch after being ordered– including the dough, which is rolled and hand-shaped as customers watch.

The most popular of these specialty pizzas is called “The Big Tony.” This handmade creation consists of 7 ingredients and weighs 21 ounces before baking. As if “The Big Tony” was not enough, there are a total of 10 other specialty or “signature” pizzas to choose from and many new creations available for a limited time to always keep the menu fresh.

If a customer prefers something else, he or she can choose between the other customization options, including any combination of 25 different ingredients and 6 different sauces, including Marinara and White Garlic, all of which are made from SOLOS Pizza’s own, well-tested recipes. No matter the toppings, each personal-sized 10-inch pizza takes less than 3 minutes to bake allowing for true personalized service without long wait times.

Besides pizza, other menu offerings at SOLOS Pizza include a variety of salads with a total of 3 handmade salad dressings. The menu also has fan favorites like puff daddies, cheesy garlic breadsticks, fresh-baked cookies, and “lil’ dippers” for kids, which consist of pizza dough with spices and cheese served with a dipping sauce.

SOLOS Following Continues to Grow

On top of being a hit with their customers, SOLOS Pizza has received some professional accolades as well. They have been named 2011’s “Best Pizza in Plymouth” and one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Star Tribune in that same year.

With the success of the original location SOLOS has continued to add other strategic locations throughout the Midwest. And with customers clamoring for a SOLOS location in their town new locations are planned through franchising. But SOLOS was not about to franchise unless the franchise system was up to the same standards as each ingredient on their award winning pizza. So Bruce and Brian researched endless competitors in the franchise pizza market, consulted with the top consultants, attorneys and accountants available in franchising and have created a comprehensive franchise system leaving nothing to chance.

So whether you call it an obsession or just being really, really thorough SOLOS Pizza is committed to delivering the best product whether it is a 3-minute artisan pizza or the best franchise opportunity in the pizza franchise industry!

“We lived in Maple Grove and became ADDICTED to your pizza. Now we live in Rochester, MN and wonder if there is any hope of getting SOLOS here. PLEASE consider it! WE LOVE YOU!

On behalf of the entire family -thank you!”

Pat N.